Pause and consider – Nicholas Bate

Nicholas is a master of lists but his latest, Pause&Consider 101, is profound.

A selection:

1.  Show up. Good mood often comes later.

41.  Increase the time you invest in yourself everyday. Start today with a lunch-time walk for no reason at all.

51.  Walk on real earth. See the sea or mountains or desert or outback or jungle. At last once a week to stay sane.

65.  Whenever you find yourself on the side of the majority, it is time to pause and reflect. Mark Twain.

67.  Choose your coffee carefully. 

68.  Have side projects. They may become your new life.

80. Don’t miss today. Wake up, be reasonable and deliver.”

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Hints of power – execupundit

Michael Wade’s hints of power: much to aspire to, much to observe:

“1.  Carries nothing.
Dresses conservatively.
3.  Is
polite and prepared.”

The rest of the seven, here.

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Echoes through time: freed from all borrowing and lending

“Happy the man who, remote from busy life, is content, like the primitive race of mortals, to plough his ancestral lands with his own oxen, freed from all borrowing and lending.”

Horace (65BC – 8BC)

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Everybody needs …

a useless box:

I want one.

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Discreet good deeds – Execupundit

“No good deed goes unpunished.”

Ignoring Clare Boothe Luce’s observation, Execupundit’s Michael Wade offers sound advice for the doing of good deeds.  Most importantly:

7.  Don’t keep score.

More, here.

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Framework for freelancers – ABC Copywriting

More balls in the air than the Parachute Regiment.

Keeping track of concurrent projects can be a bit of a nightmare for freelancers.  Tom Albrighton of ABC Copywriting shares a simple project tracking spreadsheet, here.

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Leonard Cohen on Creativity – BrainPickings

Sometimes in the low velvet of Leonard Cohen’s voice, you can hear the welcoming rumble of the earth.  I remember first hearing The Songs of Leonard Cohen and becoming an instant fan.  It was the songs, the poetry, the novels and the image too; timelessly astride the rock and roll world that was my usual fare.

The inspirational Maria Popova, over on Brain Pickings, selects some insights from Paul Zollo’s Songwriters on Songwriting.

Like most artists, Cohen has little truck with the illusion that inspiration is all and effortless.  I particularly enjoyed his distinction between work and employment:

“[fulfilling work] has a certain nourishment. The mental physique is muscular. That gives you a certain stride as you walk along the dismal landscape of your inner thoughts. You have a certain kind of tone to your activity. But most of the time it doesn’t help. It’s just hard work.

But I think unemployment is the great affliction of man. Even people with jobs are unemployed. In fact, most people with jobs are unemployed. I can say, happily and gratefully, that I am fully employed. Maybe all hard work means is fully employed.”

I think that resonates not just for artists but for all of us sovereign professionals.

Leonard Cohen - Hallelujah - 20 facts about Leonard Cohen's Hallelujah

(Photo: Clara Molden, via


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