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Rock and roll rhetoric: White Room

“In the white room with black curtains near the station. Black-roof country, no gold pavements, tired starlings. Silver horses run down moonbeams in your dark eyes. Dawn-light smiles on you leaving, my contentment.” White Room (Brown, Bruce), Cream Maybe a … Continue reading

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The neuroscience of memorable messages

Way back in June, I spotted this on Michael Wade’s Execupundit blog. It took me until last week to sit down and watch it, however. But, I was so impressed, I’m currently reading Carmen Simon’s book Impossible to Ignore. Anyway responsible … Continue reading

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Talk your way to power

Language lover and Inky Fool, Mark Forsyth on the figures of rhetoric. Entertaining and informative: His book The Elements of Rhetoric is highly recommended for anyone with an interest in effective language. A couple of others are Sam Leith’s You … Continue reading

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Four simple questions for writers – @thisissethsblog

An essential starting point for any writer, on any project: What is it for? Who are you? Who is it for? Will it spread? Read the full detail on Seth Godin’s blog, here.

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Social media, politics and narrative – @roughtype

Here’s a great essay from Nicholas Carr on social media’s effect on the US presidential campaign, and much more.  It explores how social media is different from previous media – not necessarily better or worse, but different – and how … Continue reading

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Echoes through time: the power of metaphor #writing

“Now strange words simply puzzle us; ordinary words convey only what we know already; it is from metaphor that we can best get hold of something fresh.” Aristotle (384 – 322 BC), Rhetoric

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The power of proper paper #writing

Messy, unwieldy, noisy, and yet … Kurt Harden hits on the unique delight in reading an actual, paper, newspaper. I love reading the Economist or (London) Times on my iPad, but real paper is different. You see different things, the … Continue reading

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