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Balancing things out – #Menieres, @MenieresSociety

Ménière’s disease is a pernicious, poorly understood condition with an unknown cause and no known cure.  Medically, it is: “a long term, progressive condition of the inner ear, affecting both the organs of balance and hearing.  The hallmarks of Ménière’s … Continue reading

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Red, Red, Wine … as if you needed another excuse

Great news!  As well as being good for the heart, it seems that red wine is also a protection against hearing loss. This from the Daily Mail, here. However, this older (2006) article from New Scientist notes that while the … Continue reading

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Did the earth move for you? – Dizziness and Balance Week

This week is Dizziness and Balance Awareness Week in the UK.  More info is available from the Meniere’s Society on Facebook, website or Twitter (@MenieresSociety). I thought I would celebrate by sharing this study: Morbidity in Meniere’s Disease by Anne … Continue reading

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The Positive Side of Stress

An interesting perspective on stress from Shawn Achor.  Firstly, he reminds us that stress is a natural reaction related to the fight-or-flight instinct.  It is not stress per se which is bad for us but rather the debilitating effects of … Continue reading

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Meniere’s Disease Awareness Week

I had a fascinating day yesterday, attending the annual conference of the Ménière’s Society, the largest charity in the UK dedicated to supporting those with dizziness and balance problems.  Their name comes from Ménière’s Disease which is at the heart … Continue reading

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