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Slice Planner: a daily planner that merges paper and digital

Via The Cramped, is news of a fantastic concept currently on Kickstarter. It’s a diary / planning solution that combines the visceral delight of real paper and pencil with the sheer and shareable convenience of digital. What a great idea! … Continue reading

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Social media, politics and narrative – @roughtype

Here’s a great essay from Nicholas Carr on social media’s effect on the US presidential campaign, and much more.  It explores how social media is different from previous media – not necessarily better or worse, but different – and how … Continue reading

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The power of proper paper #writing

Messy, unwieldy, noisy, and yet … Kurt Harden hits on the unique delight in reading an actual, paper, newspaper. I love reading the Economist or (London) Times on my iPad, but real paper is different. You see different things, the … Continue reading

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Thoughts on Ad-blockers

Ad-blocking software has been big news over the last couple of weeks.  This week, even The Times devoted a leader to it (Ad Armageddon, firewalled, though it should be accessible via my Tweet). That increasing numbers of people now choose … Continue reading

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How to write a book when you’re paid by the page – Nicholas Carr

Sage advice from Nicholas Carr, author of The Shallows, amongst other books: “I thought I might be able to start publishing long books of computer-generated gibberish and then use Amazon’s Mechanical Turk service to pay Third World readers to scroll through … Continue reading

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Analog(ue) Sunday – Cultural Offering

This just sounds idyllic, Kurt Harden’s Analog Sunday: “Brisket on the smoker.  Pink Floyd on the stereo.  Not a thing on the television or computer.  Unplugged …” The rest, here.

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I am what I read

Two interesting posts… In The Medium is the Moral, Nicholas Carr debates the extent to which we surrender our morality to technology. In Is Google Making the Web Stupid? Seth Godin reflects on the unintended consequences of our reliance on … Continue reading

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