Papers and Downloads

Published Articles

An Interim Forecast is a piece I wrote for the Interim Hub website on the outlook for Interim Management (and other models for independent professionals).

Will the Gig Economy be the death of HR? is a piece I wrote for the HRZone website on the impact of freelancing and flexible resourcing upon HR.  The article challenges HR to take a broader, more strategic approach to resourcing needs.

Discussion Papers

Telling Your Story – Winning Customers with Considered, Compelling Content” describes how to create effective white papers for today’s crowded market.  In today’s economic climate, businesses are finding it harder to gain and hold the customer’s attention.  The market is tough and B2B marketers face the substantial challenge of providing customers with valued information that will build trust, demonstrate thought leadership and drive revenue.  The solution is to focus on creating considered, compelling content grounded in two principles: efficient production and efficient consumption.

All Gone Home – An exploration of the factors leading increasing numbers of organisations to explore new, more agile organisational models, along with recommendations for addressing the attendant “people” challenges of making the transition.


Trace Invaders – this is an article on the history and impact of Tokai guitars.  I wrote it a couple of years ago for Guitar and Bass Magazine but it consistently drew interest where it sat on my old site so I have reproduced it here for anyone interested in those very fine replicas of the early 1980s.

Tokai Forum Members Guitar Collection Vol. 1 – Building on the above article, I also recently contributed the text to this book which is possibly the first book published on the history of these guitars.  The book, compiled by Iain Black is available for sale at this link with a contribution from every book sold going to charity for the victims of the Japanese tsunami.

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