Monsieur Notebook, prince among papers (@M_Notebook)

Monsieur NotebookEnormous excitement beyond rational explanation.

I’ve just taken delivery of a batch of customised, hand-finished notebooks from Monsieur Notebook.

My wife brought home a brochure from her work and it coincided happily with my re-branding exercise.  Just ten days later, I have a small batch of A5 notebooks, bound in navy leather and embossed with my new logo.  What a fantastic service!

Writers love to fetishize their pens and notebooks so let me report that the product itself is excellent.  I opted for the standard ruled paper (they offer a range that includes fountain-pen friendly paper) and it seems on a par with Moleskine in terms weight and potential bleed-through (my favourite pen writes beautifully but has a tendency to incontinence).

Overall, I’m blown away by the service, quality and price, especially for a relatively small order like mine.

In the process of attempting a spot of due diligence, I came across these more rigorous reviews (and a couple more blogs to follow):




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