The Art of Dave McKean – Basingstoke Retrospective

You probably know more of Dave McKean’s work than you realise.  He seems, quietly, to be everywhere in contemporary art:

  • the Royal Mail’s recent mythical beasts stamps
  • Richard Dawkins’ The Magic of Reality
  • CD covers and other work with The Rolling Stones (Voodoo Lounge), John Cale, Alice Cooper, Tori Amos, Counting Crows, Michael Nyman and many others
  • his various collaborations with Neil Gaiman: the Sandman covers, Coraline, the Graveyard Book,
  • his film, Mirrormask
  • The Big Fat Duck Cookbook
  • numerous book covers, advertising works, children’s books.

Oh, and he’s an accomplished jazz pianist with his own record label.

And he was conceptual artist on two of the Harry Potter films.

As part of the Basingstoke Festival, the town’s Willis Museum has a retrospective of his work (on until the 1st September, more details here)

Inspiring, inventive stuff across a range of media.  This collector’s site has a huge range of samples of his work.

Neil Gaiman has an affectionate tribute to McKean on his site, here.



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One Response to The Art of Dave McKean – Basingstoke Retrospective

  1. Lillian says:

    I have to add his new film, Luna! So, don’t miss anything and have a look to Worth seeing 🙂


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