Does Content Marketing Work?

Yes.  According to a new paper from Kapost and Eloqua, content marketing costs 41% less per lead generated than paid search for large companies.

Content marketing is not a quick fix.  “It’s not a campaign,” as the Content Marketing Institute’s Joe Pulizzi explains, “it’s a war of attrition.”  To be successful, content marketing requires a change of approach, a change of structure and a change in measurement but over time, the results are impressive.

A fuller summary is available in this post from the Content Marketing Institute, here.

The paper itself – Content Marketing ROI – is available as a downloadable PDF, here.  It requires registration but is well worth a read.


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2 Responses to Does Content Marketing Work?

  1. As a content marketing guy, I’ve always believed this is true but it’s good to have the evidence. Thanks!


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