Is Generation Y a Myth?

… or just an attention-grabbing headline?

Computer Weekly is running an article on new research from Corporate Executive Board claiming that “Generation Y is a myth”. 

I haven’t read the research paper yet, and it’s always interesting to understand a contrarian view, but the covering article suggests it may be less than it might appear. 

For example, it is claimed that

“Leading employers have introduced buy your own computer initiatives, which free employees to choose the computers and mobile phones best suited to their needs, in an attempt attract young talent.”

Isn’t it possible that BYO initiatives offer benefits beyond simply attracting young talent?

And, in fact, the 10 page slide deck is actually titled, Building “Consumerized”
End-User Services … something less than a considered sociological exploration of work-place demographics.

I’m interested to read the whole paper/deck.  I believe that Generation Y exists (on a purely semantic level, there are undeniably young people currently entering the workplace).  I also believe that this generation, the first true generation of digital natives is different in ability and expectation.  However, I’ve also believed for a while that these differences and the possible/probable consequences have been over-hyped. 

I’m keen for insights but in scanning the work while writing this blog, I think it’s much more about consumerisation of IT than anything to do with Gen Y per se.


About Andrew Munro

An independent business consultant, interim manager and writer, Andrew operates through his company, Burning Pine Ltd (
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