A Mindset for Success–Carol Dweck / HBR

A great podcast from the Harvard Business Review IdeaCast series; Stanford’s Professor Carol Dweck talks about her concept of Mindset, and how that influences our ability to succeed. 

Do you have a Fixed or a Growth Mindset?

Interesting implications for target-setting and praise.


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One Response to A Mindset for Success–Carol Dweck / HBR

  1. Top Of Heap says:

    “Self-esteem focus is losing favor in schools”, was published in the Sacramento Bee (often a source of toilet paper) on January 16, 2011. I loved the article which debunks wide spread notions about learning and achievement. The “self-esteem movement” invaded the school system like a virus. Women went gaga over this quick path to self actualization and equality. It accompanied, or participated the graduation of illiterates and dumb-ING of America.


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