Nine Things Successful People do Differently–HBR

I’ve just come across this post on things successful people do differently by motivational psychologist Heidi Grant Halvorson on the HBR blog.

It’s a great reminder on how to define goals for success and how to move towards those: be positively, specifically, aspirational realistic, measure your progress and build your will-power.

This is particularly important to sovereign professionals.  Working alone, especially when so much time is focused on clients’ outcomes, can make it especially hard to define and keep in mind your individual aspirations.  Sometimes the model for managing your motivations comes down to what Hugh MacLeod calls his Sex & Cash Theory but you also need Halvorson’s goal ideas to crystallise your idea of “sex”.

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One Response to Nine Things Successful People do Differently–HBR

  1. I agree and I would like to share my opinion – When you partner yourself with those that possess a positive, fun-loving attitude, then you will adopt the perspective and motivations that they themselves have. Without the need of changing who you surround yourself with, you’ll never be able to change the individual you turn into


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