No Job Security – Hugh MacLeod

No Job Security.jpg

A great reminder from Hugh MacLeod for everyone, not just sovereign professionals.

What I particularly like is Hugh’s explanation.  He makes the observation that, in his early days in advertising, job security was only as good as the last large account.  As accounts changed agency, jobs were lost or created.

I often think that, when people talk about the New World of Work; the brave/scary new world; the Free Agent Nation etc. etc. etc., they forget that it is only new to those working in large businesses in commerce.  The creative industries have long worked this way and the chances are that the last time you hired a plumber, electrician, painter or gardener they also worked that way.  “Normal” has only been normal for a relatively small proportion of office workers in public and private sector since the Industrial Revolution.

With a little perspective, it’s easy to see that Hugh’s assertion has always been the case.  It is the job for life which was the anomaly.


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