BT Phone Book – Why?

I went out of my front door on Sunday to discover a British Telecom telephone directory on the doorstep.  I took it inside, stripped off the (non-recyclable) plastic cover and went out the back door to drop the book in the recycle bin.  I then spent the rest of the day feeling irritated.  What a waste.

Why can’t I have the option not to receive a phone book?  I never use it. In fact, I found two older ones still in their plastic on the book shelf.  Can’t I have a simple "no, thanks" return slip?  A web-site where I can go and say, "thank you all the same but I don’t need these thousand pages of names and numbers"?

I wonder what it costs BT to produce these?  I imagine though, that the cost of having some sort of selective delivery rather than a "dump one at every door" approach renders any attempt to save the environment as too expensive.  Of course, they could always deliver the books en masse to a recycling plant and save all the delivery fuel. 

I wonder how many people would actually complain in this age of mobile phones and web access.



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