Sony Vaio Design Fault

Much as I love my Sony Vaio NR, I have discovered a frustrating design fault.  The Power button, on the top right face of the keyboard is directly over the cooling vent which provides a steady stream of warm air.

kittens 006

This manifests itself as a problem particularly during intense periods of work when, in a frenzy of concentration, you refuse to let your cat sit on your lap.  The next best thing to a lap, of course, is to snuggle up as close as possible to a warm spot.  Getting comfortable, however cannot be achieved without the requisite number of turns on the spot one of which – with unfailing accuracy – involves standing on the power button and putting the machine into hibernate.

You might have thought, with all of its life-style friendly design features, Sony would have cat-proofed the technology.

Technology, after all, is very much a cat thing.

kittens 001   Kittens 001


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