Foot, No, Cowboy Boot Notes

Just a couple of foot-notes before I lave the subject of Brad Paisley entirely (lest a big white Stetson arrives in the post).

  1. And I cling to this like the life-belt which will save me from line-dancing lessons.  The "bonus" track on Time Well Wasted is truly, truly awful.  Execrable.  This, of course, denies the shallow cynicism of the marketing machine, but it would be well worth seeking out a version without the Bonus track.  Go on, pay double for it.  I even wrestled my inner completist to the ground and kicked him so that I could delete the track from my media-center.  Cornography (subtle, see?) is a piece of cheesy, hick innuendo of the sort I thought had died in the 1970’s: "The littlest cowboy turned round and there she was with her enormous 38s.  You can’t say that!  What?  I mean she had big guns."  My, how they howled.  The Gung Pau Buckaroos seem to be a recurring theme on Paisley’s albums – this time featuring Dolly Parton (yes, you guessed), George Jones and James Burton.  From this, I gather that I’m out of step and therefore not a fully-fledged Country fan.
  2. I’m impressed by Paisley’s e-marketing infrastructure.  I went looking for live clips on YouTube only to find that he has his own channel there with official videos and concert footage.  Unfortunately, sharing has been disabled so I can’t embed them but I particularly liked these: She’s Everything and The World.  Paisley also has the obligatory web-site at and a presence on facebook.  Must be the power of the Nashville marketing machine.



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