Commercial Break…

Not – as you might have thought – a cunning link to Roy Harper’s lost album (the one Harvest refused to release) but a genuine "For Sale" ad for my much-loved but recently forsaken blue Stratocaster.strat03  It’s a great guitar but I seem to have four strats now so I’m selling this to fund my guitar-buying habit.  More pictures in the photo gallery and eventually I may place this on e-Bay but in the meantime it’s here to support the ad I placed on Nick Hollings’ notice board.

Details are:

  • Fender Classic 60’s Stratocaster (2004)
  • Lake Placid Blue with rosewood fretboard and aged "mint green" plastic parts
  • Cavities copper-screened to reduce noise
  • Recent set-up and fret-dress by Chandlers in Kew
  • A fantastic guitar in mint condition with loads of 60’s mojo
  • Full specs are on the Fender website.
  • Current Fender List Price, £499.99

Interested parties should drop me a line at or leave a comment on here.

Many thanks.  Commercial over.


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